The Sisterhood Cover Story

By Wandile Tevin Andrews

While contemporary wars of information, power, money and land raged everywhere else in the world, all of the most serene elements came together to set a tone of peace, resolve and completion which reverberated at the Kloofzicht Lodge and Spa on this sun-kissed Sabbath. The sky was cloudless, the trees stood on attention and the sun glowed at its apex while the birds chirped merrily for this occasion of chats, dreamy couture, the batting of eyelashes, the flashing of cameras. Did I mention that a tower of giraffe was spotted several times, in the distance too! As greetings and hugs were reciprocated, Refilwe and I exchanged pleasantries on being tree huggers and at that very moment the day came into a humoured balance. The warmth of the day was elevated by the arrival of Bontle and Candice’s bubbly energy, the room was permeated with passion, purpose and light. 

It’s been said that three is a crowd but they must have forgotten the sheer power of it. From the magical trio of the Sanderson sisters to South Africa’s very own Modiselle sisters.

Sets of expansive genetics have shown themselves off from time to time through the generations and the many billboards of the entertainment and other industries. This set of sisters is a South African case study of their own that has followed suit in this regard and has captured the hearts of Africa while expressing their gifts. The Modiselle women are wholesome, pioneering and sound. They can admit and embrace their truth in its fullness, their imperfections and stake their claim in the world. Their brand of feminism isn’t rooted in textbook jargon that can never be lifted off the page but is rooted in active humanity, warmth and a genuine concern for the communities that they serve.

The Strongest form of magic in the world is the bond a close family-hood has for one another; with a strong lineage, identity and mutual trust as key factors within the bond and survival of this great entity. In todays’ world it is clear that such a bond / form of magic lives on within the Modiselle sisters.   

In a post-pandemic world, where humanity has swallowed morality, sometimes alignment slaps us right in the face and we have no choice, but to no longer run from it, the way we may have been for so long.  Where roots have been deepened within communities and within self, the Modiselle sisters have created a close unit within themselves. Navigating a fast-paced industry that has taken so many from their true selves, these sisters have affirmed their own mainstream and taken up their respective spaces. From showing their talents on and off the screen in a variety of capacities, what sets this family apart is the grace and humility they apply into every single thing they do. It is often wondered where individuals steeped their souls and where light bearers go when they’re in need light.

From the effortless banter and the unrehearsed exchanges as faces got painted and as the ladies slipped into designer dresses, it was evident that their firm mother, that each of them had spoken so fondly of, had raised queens. All of the magic that the rest of us got to experience was just a reflection of the might of the matriarch that had held them all together through the good and the bad times. ‘It was drilled into us that when we left the house, we were not only representing ourselves but one another as well as the home that we come from.’ said Candice. Together and on their own, the Modiselle sisters have made an indelible mark, remaining unforgettable in the hearts of South Africa. Like other families they too have their minor disagreements but they have always managed to bring themselves towards one another again right into their anchoring elements of laughter, prayer and nurturing.

The power of three is the ability of three individuals to have complete love, trust, understanding and companionship to be able to live and work with each other no matter the circumstances they may face. The Modiselle sisters are a perfect example of the true and pure example of the power that is the power of three. Their ability to love, trust, understand and have a high level of companionship within their bond is evident all their successes as individuals as well as family. They are able to support each other and allow each other to flourish and grow in their respected mediums, as well as form a stronger bond with each other as a family

Refilwe Modiselle

‘Everything that we are, is divided amongst the three of us.

Element: Air

If the air alone could set us on fire, Refilwe would certainly light the match of revolution in the world. From being the first African model living with albinism morphing into a sought-after actress, her possibilities have always known no bounds. Fresh from her international TEDx talk, Refilwe is more intentional now than she’s ever been. Reflecting on the universal reset that the Covid-19 pandemic thrust the world into, she makes mention of balance and purpose as something that is extremely valuable to her and everything that she does. She has dabbled in music, pioneered within the modeling fraternity, dazzled with her on screen talent scooping international awards at the African Film Festival in Texas. She has showed off her phenomenal vocal skills and as well as hosting charismatic and so addictive personality in TV host as well as Radio hosting on a nation wide broadcaster. It doesn’t end there; she has slayed the education space as well. Her passion for story telling is quite unique and one cannot help but admire the sheer talent that comes from this intellectual, influential women. The world is certainly Refilwe’s oyster…

‘My purpose has always been there but now I am operating from a divine space.’

What is sisterhood to you?

There are no perfect relationships but understanding the deeper aspects of unconditional love sets up the pillars that inform all of my personal relationships. Moreso my familial ones. Practicing love in its true sense is important to me as a sister. Honesty as well, the ability to be honest is something that I value immensely. In a world that magnifies comparison, the beautiful thing within our sisterhood is that each and every one of us accepts the multitudes of gifts that we bring into this world and when we embrace them without comparison and by that we are strengthened as a unit. God gives us each differently and the capacity of the things that we build is tailored to our individual journeys.

Where to from here? 

I never tell. I am always evolving and I welcome being as a vessel. At Ricky Rick’s funeral his mother said something that piqued my interest: ‘you are neither here nor there. You are everything’ and everything that I encounter I will be looking at through that lens of expansiveness. I have always understood that I am in my own lane and I welcome more opportunities that will allow me to continue the work of light.

Bontle Modiselle

‘And like everything else, you can be great on your own but so much more powerful together.’

Element: Earth

What has always struck me is the powerful mutability that she carries. An engaging figure, she breathes her craft and her families are foremost in her heart. From Club 808 to the Netflix spectacular Jiva to launching her very own dance studios in Johannesburg, Bontle has revolutionized what it means to be a young woman within media and the creative arts. Just like earth, she is rooted firmly, in conversation, in front of the camera, in motherhood, in love. She has normalized changing one’s mind and has blazed a path all on her own on the African continent. Bontle is calm and nurturing nature has allowed her to have a addictive personality which we must say is a constant trait with the Modiselle sisters.  

What is sisterhood to you?

To me, sisterhood is camaraderie and I am so blessed to have that with my sisters. I feel so privileged to be alive to be a sister and to have sisters, not just the ones that I can claim by blood, but also the many that can resonate and connect with the journeys that we are on. 

Where to from here?

I want my life to continue to be a teaching of God’s work through me. My interests are varied and I’m excited to express the many facets of myself. If my journey can serve as resolution for another human, that’s miracle enough for me.

Candice Modiselle

‘The journeys of our lives are a faith exercise. Life is a constant stretch of our faith and a constant invitation for us to exercise our faith.’  

Element: Water 

What many people may not know is that Candice started working at the tender age of 10. From YOTV to Mzansi Magic’s Style Squad, to Generations: The Legacy and #ImpiloMzansi. Her craft sets her soul on fire and whether its TV or radio, she delivers with smooth and soft yet very purpose driven every single time. Her ability to be able to move with the times, constantly learning and adapting to the ever changing and growing society that we live in today. Candice Modiselle is a young woman that is creating her very own creative tycoon. Being the last sister of the Modiselle sisters she has grown up surrounded with impeccable and phenomenal woman who she is able to draw strength from in all that she puts her mind to. With Candice as a young tycoon she has taken what she has been taught and is now implementing her knowledge with the creation of Selle Jewellery, which is a bespoke brand that is able to meet the needs of young women and men in today’s society. Candice is able to embody many forms within the creative space and also the entrepreneur space, which she is incredibly passionate about. 

What is sisterhood to you? 

Sisterhood is unity. I attribute a lot of the sisterhood that my sisters and I share to our mother’s discipline and love. It’s played a big role in how we show up for each other, how we effortlessly have each other’s interests at heart. I wouldn’t do for myself what I wouldn’t do for my sisters. We have a genuine love for one another and we understand the power of principle. My sisters have taught me a lot, for example Refilwe has been able to show me warmth, spirituality, understanding and how acting is a form of story telling, being able to convey the passionate story that I have been entrusted with. Bontle has been a pillar of strength and has taught me about how to engage with my mind, body and soul, she has also given me insight on the industry and to speak up as my voice as a creative is also essential.

Where to from here? 

If it’s rooted in leadership and rooted in service then that’s where I want to go. Anything that honours God is where I want to be. I’ve never been interested in being the hype or the sensation. As phenomenal as clout is, it’s not sustainable.

You will find me where there is purpose and impact, where I am able to transfer the knowledge that I have gained to the next younger generation as well as be able to assist them in knowing that their voices as creators / performers / artists does matter.

Later on that day, while the vocals of Anita Baker floated softly through the room, I asked the ladies if they ever dreamt of starting their own empire and almost in unison, Candice and Bontle responded: ‘All the time.’ The elements of sisterhood that stood out the most for me with the Modiselle sisters is their endless zest for life. Their shared respect for education, the passion that they exude for the things they do and how rooted they are in remaining curious, extending their sense of the possible but most importantly being conduits of love. We absolutely cannot wait to see what the next chapter will hold but what I know for sure is that when all waters, the earth and air has raged and all of the elements of the world have come together, we have the Modiselle diamonds on our hands!

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