Queer Podcasts you need to listen to, this winter?

By: Chance Ntombela

South Africa’s podcasting scene is steadily growing as a lot of opinionated young people are taking advantage of the tools and platforms at their disposal to tell their own stories, express themselves, or just simply entertainment. While a large number of vloggers opt to share their uncensored content, in my view, we don’t have nearly enough African podcasts.

From bringing people together and strengthening the solidarity of LGBTQIA+ Africans, each podcast explores different ranges of themes that we cannot recommend highly enough! We bring you 5 African podcasts worth listening to and engaging in. Sure enough, a little ride will have you learning so much from these podcasts.


AfroQueer is a podcast hosted by Selly Thiam and Aida Holly-Nambi telling the stories of Queer Africans from across the continent and diaspora. Their podcast celebrates queer love, and explores the laws affecting our lives, migration, media, race, class, censorship, family and sex (obviously). Along the way, we also share some bitter truths of what it means to be Queer and African, but also spotlight individuals shifting the landscape of African queerness. With a broad scope and a diverse set of guests, AfroQueer does a great job covering a changing environment in the Queer community.

In Season One, they travelled to South Africa to unpack race, class and geography at Africa’s oldest Pride; investigate the decades old murder of lesbian activist FannyAnn Eddy in Sierra Leone; talk to gay men blackmailed while using Grindr in Kenya; hear from couples about to get married; and dive on the coming out stories. Arguably, this is part of the appeal.

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On the recommended episode Rafiki: Uncensored the hosts were discussing the Kenyan Film that was banned for seven months because it was accused of  “promoting lesbianism or rather homosexuality”. The director of the film, Wanuri Kahui, sued the government and won the case, allowing her to screen the film in Kenya for seven days only. We went to the very first screening of Rafiki in Nairobi, and bring you this review of the film.

This episode was such a powerful episode because it highlighted how challenging and oppressing the laws are against homosexual people.

Rate: 10/10

Queer Talk

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Queer Talk is a South African podcast hosted by a South African based podcaster Vuyo. The podcast focuses on everything that South African Queer identifying people face from romantic relationships, coming out stories, discrimination, hate crime diaries and more.

Every week they invite guests to tell their stories, learning and unpacking the realities and challenges that come with living in South Africa and beyond boarders. If you know where to tune in, this is a place to be, look no further.

Recommended episode: Queer Me Out: A Reflection of Pride Month. In this recent informative episode, the host reflects on why June is named a Queer month and the history attached to this commemorable month.

It is an essential episode to listen to in 2022, especially for those who might be unfamiliar with the cultural and historical significance of the Queer month.

Rate: 8/10

I Like Girls

True stories, told live without notes will have you sitting at the edge of your chair. The Nigerian journalist Aisha Salaudeen is the creator of this series that documents the stories of women from across Africa.

Even though it isn’t particularly focused on the LGBTQI+ community, it touches on the many realities of African women or women of African descent in a multifaceted world.

Aisha is an adept, thoughtful interviewer who approaches every topic and guest with a mix of curiosity, empathy, and skepticism.

Recommended episode: Women Enough. This episode follows the life of a trans woman, Sabs, as she navigates womanhood in a society that does not recognise her as “woman enough”.

That episode created a powerful and enjoyable space of reflection about what it means to be a woman.

Rate 10/10

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SheHerDyke hosted by high energy hosts, Lex and Mary is a podcast for all the queers but their masc-lesbian perspective is what makes this podcast super unique.

They discuss topics that range from domestic violence in lesbian relationships to body dysmorphia. This podcast traces the enmeshment of communities and cultures and examines the tricky lines between sexuality and gender.

Recommended episode: Heteromantic bisexuality. In this episode, they discuss all things bisexuality and dissecting the misconceptions and fluidity that comes with being a bisexual individual. The hosts’ crosstalk is funny and engaging.

Rate : 7/10


Created in May 2020, the ConnectiviTea podcast invites its audience to join host Rebecca Nanjego and her guests in intimate conversations ‘over a cup of tea’. Clutching your pearls in this podcast is undeniably the best thing you could do.

The creator features in-depth conversations about controversial topics about sex, sexuality, and how our views of sexuality can affect personal relationships from Africa and beyond.

Recommended episode: What We Were Not Told About Sex.

Playful, engaging, and original, this is a episode that straddles the lines between sex, breaking virginity, period sex, sexuality, identity and consent. It is one every millennial can relate to. It has very much to do with learning and unpacking the realities and challenges that come with self discovery.

Rate 9/10

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Let us know, which one is your favourite to listen to!

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